background image 2.jpg places entrepreneurs into classrooms to show students there are a million ways to make it in the world.



EVERYTHING in life (being a student, a parent, a teacher, a factory worker or businessperson) is entrepreneurial. It requires creativity, ingenuity, and a positive attitude, whether it's asking a parent for money for the movies or building an empire.

Entrepreneurship is the crossroads where both the college-bound and boundless meet. Learning and creativity are the common denominator. The college-bound may pursue app development, robotics, etc. while the “career now” may learn trades that lead to business advancement and opportunities. The trades (cooking, plumbing, carpentry, etc.) lead to entrepreneurship, financial and societal independence. Even applying for the most rudimentary job will be enhanced with ingenuity and creativity. The challenge of achieving this is far outweighed by the stunning possibility that we might empower even one young person to reach AND grasp a future that inspires their friends, families and communities to learn, thrive, build, invent, employ, and share success.


We value integrity, opportunity, responsibility, and community. We believe dignity, pride, and respect can be found in all work.