The Need

Society’s one-size-fits-all aphorism of "go to college at all cost" has lead to $1.4 trillion in student loan debt, high school dropout rates of 25% (45% for colleges), higher crime (75% of all crimes are committed by high school dropouts), wage stagnation, outsourced manufacturing, an erosion of the middle class, political disenfranchisement and loss of respect for unions, trades, laborers, farming and craftsmanship.


If nothing is done, the consequences are high. Economic and political malaise may remain, while "middle-skilled" jobs will go unfulfilled in the coming decade.

We need to empower the coming generations to think differently. All work can be meaningful and fulfilling.

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A Solution

Entrepreneurship is the crossroads where both the college bound and boundless meet. Learning and creativity is the common denominator. The college bound may pursue app development, robotics, etc. while the “career now” may learn trades that leads to business advancement and business opportunities. The trades (cooking, plumbing, carpentry, etc.) lead to entrepreneurship, financial and societal independence. Even applying for the most rudimentary job will be enhanced with ingenuity, creativity, and basic work skills.

Who's Behind This?

YOUR Lemonade Stand is currently made up of over 100 caring business people, educators,

and parents who want to make an inspiring difference in the lives of students.


Founder, Dan Bornholdt, is also the semi-retired owner/founder of Green Suites Hotel Solutions in Upland, CA, USA. Dan has been self-employed since age 24 and has worked since age eight (starting with a lemonade stand). He has been a paperboy, a gardener, a convalescent hospital orderly, a waiter, a truck driver, and a three time business owner. His entrepreneurial life has allowed him to travel to over 60 countries, climb mountains and complete three ocean crossings by sailboat. More importantly, he's made numerous friends, read countless books and raised two extraordinary daughters.


Co-Founder Jim Vanderaa was born in 1958 in Montreal, Canada. Jim graduated from McGill University with a BA in economics and was also an undersized center on the Redmen basketball team. He immigrated to the United States in 1986, living first in Boulder, Colorado, then in New Hampshire before landing in southern California in 1989. Upon his arrival in the Golden State, Jim started a construction business, specializing in custom woodworking and finish carpentry in the high end tenant improvement markets of Los Angeles and San Francisco. In 2012, at the age of 54, Jim left the business world to chase new adventures. Jim is a world traveler, mountain climber, carpenter, guest speaker, volunteer, coach, the dad of two teenagers, and life partner of Maria, a Swede whom he met while swimming with dolphins in New Zealand. Jim is motivated by Your Lemonade Stand's mission to help educate a generation.


Smiling Student in Lecture


The big smiles, bright eyes, and great questions make it impossible to walk into a classroom without smiling. You can’t help but feel inspired for our future.


Sam Bornholdt (1914-2007)

Described as a Baptist Gandhi truck driver, Sam profoundly influenced the lives of over thirty young people in his life through encouragement, matchmaking, job opportunities and spiritual direction, but always with unconditional love. While Sam's two best friends had PhDs, Sam never felt confident about his education or his career. If he had, who knows how many thousands of young people may have benefited from his influence? The lesson of Sam is that every child matters and can make a difference in the lives of others.


Matthew Crawford

Two words: PhD. Motorcycle mechanic.
How cool is that!!???

TED Talk: Manual Competence       Book: Shop Class as Soulcraft