Man on Doorway of Food Truck

"Entrepreneurs Club" 

an eight-week curriculum covering: 


• Success and Failure 
• The Business Game 
• Networking 
• Planning Your Future 
• Financial Literacy 
• Leadership 
• Life Balance Craftsmanship and the Arts 
• Hands on Wealth

A Classroom Lecture

"Lunch Money" 

How to Make It, How to Grow It,

How to Give It Back." 

During lunch hours, schools open a classroom to local business people to come talk about their lives, business, or the passion of their hobbies. It can be an informal presentation and can cover various topics such as: success, failure, competition, planning, financial literacy, media literacy, business etiquette, networking, travels, challenges, dignity, listening, learning, leadership, integrity, humility, internships / apprenticeships, patience, perseverance, hard work, charity, types of wealth (money, experiences, time, etc.), querencia (being most like your true self), creativity, goal setting and, if you can imagine, more!

Public Speaker

"Visiting Professionals"


Like Lunch Money, business people come into classrooms of interested students about a range of topics.

Business Meeting


Mentoring, apprenticeships, internships